Nashville's Original Italian Beef since 2008


Our Mission:  Provide the most authentic Chicago Style Food to Tennessee!

Our family relocated to the Nashville area in the early 2000's and after a few years,  Rob and Debbie Coxworth decided they couldn’t be the only ones missing their beloved Chicago based foods, such as: Italian Beef sandwiches, Chicago hot dogs, Pizza and Pasta dishes.

 So, in 2008, the family decided to bring our dream of providing authentic Chicago style Italian food to the “far south side” to life!  As a tribute to their Italian heritage, Mama Debbie named the restaurant after her late grandmother, Grandma Campione. After all, if it isn’t granny in the kitchen, it’s not really Italian!

The restaurant has been passed down to Debbie's daughter Jessica and her husband Geoff in order to continue our family tradition of providing the most authentic Chicago style food experience in all of Nashville!

We have won multiple "Best Of" awards over the years, including the Best Restaurant in Sumner County according to The Nashville Scene!  We are the first and only restaurant in Tennessee to be inducted into the Vienna Beef Hotdog Hall of Fame.  Come see for yourself why we're known as "Gallatin's Best Kept Secret!"

in 2022, The restaurant was passed down to Debbie's Daughter Jessica and her family in order to keep the same family traditions & recipes we've all become accustomed to! Jessica and family continue the Campione's legacy by winning multiple "Best Of" awards, and have been inducted into the Hotdog Hall of Fame!

On any given day you can find the owners, their parents, children and grandchildren serving up those aromatic, tasty Chicago Italian Beef sammiches and 5th generation pasta recipes. We use only the good stuff for an authentic Chicago taste and garnish with real Chicago condiments like giardiniera, sport peppers and neon green hotdog relish. We make sauce from our family recipe, we roll our own meatballs by hand, make our soups, chili, chicken salad and more right in the restaurant every day. We are so glad you've found us. Welcome to the family!